Elevate your Schools with the most powerful interactive boards.

Empower your coworkers with our touch-based solutions for every office room. Whether hybrid or real-life, we have your working environment needs covered. Equip your office space with the best setup for collaboration & knowledge sharing.

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CTouch Boards

Trustworthy hassle-free hardware for all presentations.

The key to a successful presentation is technology you can trust. Trust CTouch tech to work smoothly and focus on what you do best: captivating your audience. Don't you just hate it when you're standing up on that stage and then your dang device refuses to connect? Leave that nightmare to the confines of your bedroom. With one-click native wireless sharing or a cabled connection your presentation is so ready to go, it's already there.

CTouch Boards for all Schools

Achieve Amazing Results with Remedian's Arbor Schools Support.

Remedian's Arbor Schools Support is more than just software training; it's a partnership for success. We work closely with schools to identify their unique needs and develop strategies to achieve their educational goals. Our commitment to ongoing support ensures that schools can continue to leverage Arbor MIS to its full extent, year after year.

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How do CTouch boards help?

Touch provides the elements needed to create a stimulating academic learning environment. Teachers can enrich their classes by seamlessly accessing digital resources, annotating their content or incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes and polls. Students can directly engage with course material, leading to better understanding and retention of complex subjects. Start your lecture slides from your device (wired or wirelessly) and start annotating! An interactive display allows professors to annotate over PowerPoint slides and highlight important information intuitively, directly on their prepared content.

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