Smoothwall Monitor: Enhancing Security through Comprehensive Monitoring

Smoothwall Monitor is a real-time, human-moderated digital monitoring solution that alerts safeguarding teams to students becoming vulnerable.

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Smoothwall Monitor system

How does Smoothwall Monitor help?

Smoothwall Monitor allows schools to concentrate on supporting and educating students with the peach of mind that if Smoothwall monitor detecs a potential incident this will be reported within minutes.

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Schools Safeguarding by Smoothwall

How does Smoothwall save time?

Risk assesses the whole screen, not just the URL, which means alerts are more accurate and are accompanied by evidence to support pre-intervention decision-making.

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Smoothwall monitor for Schools

When does Smoothwall start working?

Monitor’s advanced behavioural analysis technology becomes active when a child’s digital behaviour suggests they may be at risk.

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Smoothwall Services for Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Smoothwall Monitor, Captures suspected risks even when the device is disconnected from the internet. When the device re connects, data is transmitted to SmoothwallMonitor for analysis

Smoothwall Monitor detects vulnerabilities across a range of categories including, mental health concers, bullying, violence, self-harm, suicidal ideation, drugs, gangs, grooming, radicalisation and more.

Cloud-based and with fast and easy deployment means there is no IT burden and no ongoing need for technical administration.

Smoothwall Monitor will base alerts appropriately based on the level. Low level alerts will be shown in the dashboard, Medium alerts will be conveyed by email while High alerts and conveyed by phone.

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