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Make Your Business More Resilient And Manage Risks Efficiently With Cyber Security Services

Transform every aspect your business and build cyber resiliency with the leading-edge cyber security service company – Remedian IT Solutions. Our proven services help reinforce your cyber defence and enhance your IT security posture. WE can help you with your Cyber Essentals & Cyber Essentals Plus accreditations

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Cybercrime is Getting More Sophisticated Than Ever. Is Your Business Ready?

The average total cost of a data breach globally is $4.24 million (Source) – the primary cause being hyper-convergence and digital transformation that paves the way for unintended yet increased cyber threats, attacks, failures and vulnerabilities. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to have a full-proof cyber security strategy that enables your business to mitigate risks, improve resiliency and accelerate growth.

Remedian is one of the best cyber security IT companies, known for our expertise, advanced technologies and IT resiliency best practices that defend your business against potential risks. At the same time, we safeguard your business-critical data and assets, and help accelerate fast and efficient recovery from data breaches and other disruptions.

Anywhere. Anytime. We provide tailored cybersecurity solutions that cater to your current IT scenario and business needs. Our team of IT security specialists safeguard you against potential cyberthreats through industry-relevant, focused and proactive threat intelligence and monitoring. This gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing that your business is secure.

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Capabilities and Cyber Essentals

Our extensive knowledge and deep industry expertise in cybersecurity make us one of the top internet security companies that protects your business, its people, data and assets – from end to end.

  • Information & IT Infrastructure Security Assessment
    As a trusted cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, we evaluate the maturity of your company’s information security and IT infrastructure – as well as to identify weaknesses, gaps and scope for improvement. Partner with us for expert cybersecurity services and detect potential risks to your business.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting
    Remedian is one of the leading cyber security consulting firms, leveraging our expertise, advanced technologies and integrated global resources to advise you on turnkey solutions across the value chain. We help our clients to scale their security and compliance operations through cutting-edge technology.
  • Virtual CISO
    We provide you with the vast expertise required for threat intelligence, incident response and compliance. This enables us to help address IT security loopholes and implement actionable strategies for risk management. As a leading network security company, we ensure our services are aligned with your unique business needs.
  • Managed Security Services
    Ensuring you complete peace of mind, we provide managed cybersecurity services that encompass internet connection monitoring, threat intelligence, security monitoring, threat hunting and incident response. With end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, we ensure your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. Partner with one of the leading-edge public cybersecurity companies - Remedian.
  • Penetration Testing & Phishing
    Cutting-edge IT security begins with a thorough knowledge of your vulnerabilities and potential risks. Penetration testing and phishing evaluation enables us to monitor your IT infrastructure inside-out and safeguard against cybersecurity threats.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
    We are one of the top internet security companies that align your GRC activities with key business performance drivers. We use cutting-edge frameworks like ISO, NIST, GDPR, etc. to integrate this into our cybersecurity service programme.

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Secure Backup

A Secure Backup Solution from Remedian I.T. keeps your personal and business data secure and encrypted; both on and offsite to get your business back up and running with the minimum of downtime.

Broadband & WiFi

In our interconnected world your business needs to be online 24/7. Our managed broadband and WiFi will provide quick, quality connection to get the job done. Speak to our sales team to get connected.

Connection Monitoring

By monitoring your internet connection, we can detect any problems and respond to them before they become major issues, keeping you connected and working towards your goals.

Phone and CCTV Systems

Digital phone systems provide you with premium features and flexible plans that grow with your business, from single handsets to full office installations. Ask us about an HD CCTV system and access control to monitor your premises and keep your offices as secure as your data.


Providing best value is what we are all about. When it comes to advice, supply and installation of new hardware we make sure you get the best options for your business. We can even arrange finance to help you spread the cost and manage your budgets.

Remote Support

Our helpdesk team are on hand, from Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm, to provide free, friendly remote support to make sure you can get your IT back on track in no time.

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